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I am a wife to a very supportive and caring man and a mother of one amazing little girl (who I delivered myself!)

  • I am a singer
  • Was a singing server at Lady and Sons
  • I love cats
  • Favorite TV is definitely Sci-Fi
  • Traveled with Up with People
  • I love a cool breeze and fresh air
  • The smell of vanilla and lemons make me happy
  • I love animals
  • The natural world is where I am happy
  • Camping, hiking, are things I wish I could do more of.
  • I need one cup a coffee a day and possibly a glass of wine
  • I love waking up to my daughter’s smile and watching her experience life
  • Her questions about the world make me remember what is was like to be a kid
  • I want to capture thought funny, silly, moments in her life and our lives.
  • I could spend all day playing with my animals if I could .
  • Sitting on the beach with my dogs and listening to the waves
  • Baking is my favorite type of cooking.
  • Chocolate chip cookies and brownies are my weakness.
  • I work too much!
  • Graduate of SCAD
  • Drawing is my second love.
  • I am a yogi
  • I enjoy teaching and helping others