Proposal Session

Devinn and Katie were such a fun couple! Devinn had been planning this proposal for months! They had never been to Savannah and came to enjoy the city and what a perfect place to propose to Katie! We planned to just have a normal couples session then end up at Forsyth Park at the fountain.  I don’t think knew for sure that he was planning this but she did know he might propose at some point.  I love doing these type of sessions.  Thank you for making it fun for me!!  Heard-17 Heard-21BW Heard-22 Heard-25 Heard-26 Heard-28 Heard-30 Heard-31 Heard-37 Heard-39 Heard-41 Heard-44 Heard-47 Heard-49 Heard-51 Heard-54 Heard-55 Heard-57 Heard-58 Heard-60 Heard-62 Heard-65 Heard-68 Heard-70