Sam and Seth Engagement Session

IMG_0635 IMG_0642 IMG_0678 IMG_0697 IMG_0701-Edit IMG_1035-2 IMG_1048 IMG_1087 IMG_1103 IMG_1114 IMG_1144 IMG_1156 IMG_1163-Edit IMG_1181-Edit IMG_1219-Edit IMG_1251 IMG_1270 IMG_1301 IMG_1310Sam and Seth are stationed at Fort Stewart together and have only been in Savannah a few months. They wanted to capture the beauty of this area in their engagement session.  We chose Bethesda for the session so we could easily include their two beautiful fur babies!  The majestic oak trees and romantic natural background was great for the session.  It was probably one of the hottest days of the summer. The dogs were comfortable in the AC while we photographed Sam and Seth.  I felt bad asking them so get close and “snuggle” in the almost 100 degree day!