One Year: Hilton Head Beach

Eastep_SP-7022 Eastep_SP-7033 Eastep_SP-7048 Eastep_SP-7051 Eastep_SP-7062 Eastep_SP-7064 Eastep_SP-7087 Eastep_SP-7141 Eastep_SP-7152 Eastep_SP-7155 Eastep_SP-7170 Eastep_SP-7191 Eastep_SP-7216 Eastep_SP-7261 Eastep_SP-7278 Eastep_SP-7403I had a wonderful time photographing Katelyn and Bane this past week. It was a beautiful warm summer day. Bane was the happiest little guy!  He was walking and running!  He wanted to be free and go in the water.  Here are a few from our session in Hilton Head.  I was loving the joy with this mamma and son!