Summer Beach Session

Zeck-3 Zeck-4 Zeck-10 Zeck-17 Zeck-18 Zeck-32 Zeck-40 Zeck-48 Zeck-50 Zeck-51 Zeck-60 Zeck-64 Zeck-65 Zeck-69 Zeck-12 Zeck-77 Zeck-80 Zeck-81 Zeck-89I really enjoyed working with the Zeck Family on a family portrait. With 3 busy little ones they had no expectations of a “perfect” Portrait.  However, I think they got some pretty wonderful portraits of their unique family.  They brought alone there family dog Archie as well!  Unfortunately he had to have an emergency surgery while they were on this trip and passed away.  I was so sad the hear this news!  I am so grateful he was there to be in these images. Enjoy the images of real life!