Our Day in the Life sessions are perfect for both your cat or dog. Angela Hopper offers natural photography services that will capture your pet in their most comfortable state. Her day in the life sessions are aimed to tell a story of your pets and your family. This fun session is one of our most cherished services that we provide.

How It Works

Our day in the life sessions start of with an initial consultation where we will meet you and your pet to discuss what aspect of your life you want to be captured. Whether it be giving your dog a bath or taking a nap with your cat, we can capture it all. We want you to think of this session as a series of events that your cat or dog may go through every day. This session will produce a variety of shots in a variety of locations.

The Session

Because this session aims to capture a day in the life of your pet, it is offered as an extended session. This entails around three hours of your time to be able to capture a full range of normal day activities for you and your pet. Our session will result in a series of emotions, activities and location that will not only showcase your beautiful bond with your pet, but will tell a story that will last a lifetime.

At Angela Hopper Photography, we want you to know how dear animals are to us and we want you to have great art work of your sweet furry friend. Contact us today to plan your day in the life session.