cat-photography-01 cat-photography-02At Angela Hopper Photography, we love working with animals. We offer gentle cat photography sessions that are sure to capture your pet in the same light that you view them.

Cats are independent creatures! We love to get to know their personality and temperament. We understand that cats are unlike any other pet. Their ever-changing traits constantly keep us entertained. We want to capture them in a light that reflects their personality. Our cat photography services include:


We start every session with a meet and greet with both you and your beloved pet. This will give Angela the chance to get to know your pet and for them to get to know her. We will then discuss how you would like your pictures to be captured and schedule the location and date.


No matter if your cat is an indoor or outdoor cat, we will capture them perfectly. We will follow your pet around in their natural environment. If your cat love the outdoors, we might capture them in their hunting instincts.


We always encourage owners to be a part of the shoot. If you want to be captured with your pet, thats great! We love to capture the bond between pets and their owners. If you do not want to be photographed, there is no problem. We will kindly ask you to provide toys and treats that will capture your cat’s attention at any given moment.

At Angela Hopper Photography, we never pressure or force your pets into doing anything they are not comfortable with. We want to capture your animal naturally in their own space or in the space where they feel most at ease. Contact us to set up your cat photography session today!