At Angela Hopper Photography, we aim to provide you with personal and friendly service. We take pride in capturing your pet’s best assets and in the best light. She is excited to meet your pet. We provide excellent dog photography sessions that include the following:


All of Angela’s dog photography sessions start with a meet and greet so we can establish what will work best for you and your dog. This gives her a chance to get to know your dog’s personality that will allow her to capture your dog’s best moments. Not only is the first meeting beneficial for Angela, it is beneficial for your dog as well. This gives your pet the chance to have recognition of her for the day of the shoot.


We work with you to pick a location that best suits their lifestyle. If your dog is an active or athletic breed, we would capture them in a large park or field where they have free range to run and be active in a comfortable setting. If your dog is timid or shy, we will choose a quiet location and environment where your pet feels safe and comfortable.


We encourage all owners to be a part of the session. Angela Hopper loves to capture the bond that you and your pet shares. Angela will offer you and your pet gentle advice that will help you get the photos that you want. If you do not want to be apart of the session, there is nothing to worry about. We will kindly ask you to provide toys or treats that will grab your pet’s attention to aid your photographer in capturing the best shot.

Multiple Pets

The more pets the better! We offer photography sessions for any number of pets. Angela Hopper is excited and passionate about bringing out all of your pet’s best attributes during our dog photography sessions. We will work kindly and quickly with your pets to capture them in a light where everyone will understand how much they mean to you.

We take pride in providing quality photography services to capture your pets in the best ways possible. Contact us today to get started.