pets-and-peopleFun & Creative Pet Photography

At Angela Hopper, we understand that your pet is more than just a pet. Your four-legged friend is a member of the family! We want to help capture families and their pets to cherish the beautiful bond they share.

Pets & People Session

We have developed our pets & people session to shake up the normal family photo session. Instead of having a posed shot with your pet sitting by your side diligently, we want to capture something more. During our pets & people session, we will focus on you and your pet. We will capture the natural bond you have with each other and your personal relationship share.

We will shoot in a location that is natural to both you and your pet to really capture the pure essence of your relationship. We have previously capture pets:

  • Fetching
  • Playing
  • Lounging with family
  • Resting, and other natural elements

The Session

Each of our pet & people sessions runs for the duration of an hour. You may customize your session to be with just the individual pet, family session with all people and your pet, or one individual and their pet.

We aim to capture a natural moment between your family and your pet with this exciting and creative session. If you are looking to capture your four-legged friend with your family is a fun way, you have come to the right photographer.

We have been working with pets and are avid lovers of them! We will be gentle and work around your pet. We will never force you or your pet to pose or do anything you are uncomfortable with. You run the shoot! Call us today for beautiful photos you can cherish for a lifetime.