puppy-year-planYour puppy has a life of love and fun ahead of them, and with this session we will provide you a memorable collection of your puppy's first year. The first year of your puppy’s life can be scary, exciting and emotional and we want you to remember that forever.

How It Works

Angela Hopper will meet with you and your puppy to discuss how and where you want to capture your puppy. During our consultation, we will discuss the location and the meetings for each session. Whether you want to capture your pet growing in your home, or playing in a nearby park, we will follow your puppy wherever they go.

The Sessions

We will have three sessions to capture your puppy’s everyday activities, training and growth. Just like babies, puppies grow and learn to do new things. During our three sessions we will capture your puppy learning, growing and adapting to a variety of striations.

Angela Hopper has captured the lives of many puppies and is excited to work with yours. We will work with you, your pet and your family to capture you puppy adapting to their new four-legged life.

All of our sessions produce fun, loving and beautiful photos that are you can share with your family. All of our Puppy Year Plan sessions will produce a series of photos that will be compiled into a custom album for you to cherish forever. If you are ready to capture your new addition, give us a call to make an appointment with Angela today.