10 Year Reunion

I believe this is the 6th year I have had the pleasure of photographing the amazing woman! They usually have a nice brunch at Soho South Restaurant so I thought we would start there for a picture. We then when to Paris Market to use their amazing space for some portraits. Thank you so much to Paris Market for allowing in us to come in before you  opened! I like to do something different every year to keep the images different and memorable. I love how fun and how much thought they put into the outfits and posing.  I am so grateful to have been their photographer for all these years.  Savannah_2016_-2 Savannah_2016_-7 The candid are sometimes my favorites! Savannah_2016_-17 Savannah_2016_-24 Savannah_2016_-29 Savannah_2016_-31_2 Savannah_2016_-35 Savannah_2016_-36 Savannah_2016_-41 Savannah_2016_-45 Savannah_2016_-54 Savannah_2016_-58 Savannah_2016_-60 Savannah_2016_-61 Savannah_2016_-63 Savannah_2016_-66 Savannah_2016_-70 Savannah_2016_-74 Savannah_2016_-82 Savannah_2016_-84 Savannah_2016_-87 Savannah_2016_-89 Savannah_2016_-92 Savannah_2016_-96 Savannah_2016_-100 Savannah_2016_-102 Savannah_2016_-107 The light at the Pink House was perfect!!! Savannah_2016_-128 Savannah_2016_-131 Savannah_2016_-133 Savannah_2016_-138 Savannah_2016_-146Of course they made me be in a picture.