Greatest Kids Contest 2016 Winners

I am so excited to share with you the winners of the South Magazine Greatest Kids 2016! We photographed the kids out at Hunter Cattle Company this year. What a beautiful place! Thank you to Kristan and her family for all their amazing help to make this shoot go smoothy ! (and to their wonderful neighbor who let us use her yard and and house as well ) The kids had a good time and got to visit with the animals and get some fresh air ! I wanted to use the natural light , so my assistant and I follow it all day! We are using only reflected light and available  in all of the images. I am so happy with the feature!



Avery made my job easy! She was so sweet and followed every direction so well. That hair!!
avery_1342-edit Cohen

This little guy was all smiles! His daddy is in this shot too! He is in the truck holding him up. cohenvivid_1221-editEmery
We had to keep this one busy doing things. I actually have so many good ones of him! This is the one they selected for the magazine. His daddy worked hard to keep him focused while I captured the moments. emery_matte1925-copyHunter and Haley

Hunter was the star of the show this year in this family! While his sister Haley had a feature last year! The are both winners! We had so much fun! hunter_2300-edit Jack

Such a sweet boy! His momma beautiful singing made him give us the smiles. jack-2_9702-edit-copy jack_9656-edit-copy Lily

In this picture I handed her an egg and she shook it. It said “oh no you are shaking the baby chicken! ”  She laughed!! Love!
lili_1568-edit-copy Mackenzie

This little one was so brave! We were in the middle of 40 or so cows!! It took a good bit for the cows to come investigate but when they did WOW! So cool ! They are so big!
mackensie_1868-edit Meadow and Jacob

These two are cousins! They are the farm residence! So very comfortable with the animals ! Jacob was not please with his skinny jeans this morning ! Thus the grumpy face. LOL! meadow_0960-copy Mia

The theme of the issue is heath and wellness so that is why there is milk in this image. In another image there is a cat sharing the milk with her. mia_1692-edit-copy Olivia

This one was ready for the camera! I took advantage of this cool backdrop at the neighbors house.
olivia_0986-edit-copy Paisley

I just loved working with Paisley! what a personality! she was dancing and singing ! I was blow away by her cuteness! paisley_2140-edit