Ladies Annual Trip Portrait

IMG_5371 IMG_5380 IMG_5393 IMG_5404 IMG_5409 IMG_5440 IMG_5462 IMG_5502 IMG_8331 IMG_8360 IMG_8368 IMG_8393 IMG_8426 IMG_8432 IMG_8467 IMG_8496 IMG_8509 IMG_8552 IMG_8575 IMG_8625 IMG_8640 IMG_8644 IMG_8691 IMG_8704 IMG_8725 IMG_8749 IMG_8788 IMG_8840 IMG_8861For the last I think four or five years I have had the honor of photography these fine woman!  Every year this group of college friends convene in Savannah to catch up and continue their friendships.  We have developed a fashion style session for them.  I try to come up with new locations for them so each year is different and special.   This year we got to have the Roundhouse Railroad Museum as our venue.  I was very impressed with the Museum and how accommodating they were for us. Charley was are guide during the session to issue we were safe and having fun!  The Engines were a unique backdrop ! The ladies had a great time being able to get on the trains.  I am very grateful that they trust me with this special time for their group.  I have alot of fun planning and photographing them!