Rocco The French Bull Dog: Savannah Pet Photography

Images from Session One Of Rocco’s Year Plan: Just so you can see how cute this stinker is!!!

Session 2

It was time for Ashleigh’s second “child’s” second session in his puppy plan. While still not full grown, Rocco’s personality has surely grown!!! He was just like my 2 year old. Listening but testing. Hee Hee!
We went to Bethesda for the session. The light was great and the weather was perfect for this little guy. French Bull Dog’s are sensitive to the elements. His ball was his motivation so we had not trouble getting him to run and play.
My favorite image from the session is the one were he is staring at his ball. Talk about timing that one right. I had like a second to set it up and shoot it before he lunged for the ball.
My assistant, Cole, was very helpful on making this session a great success. Thanks!
I can’t wait for the next session in the fall!